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Ways to manage herpes in Summer

Before we talk about how to manage herpes in the summer, we should discuss in advance what is called herpes disease and its cause and mode of transmission. Herpes is a disease characterized by the appearance of spots grouped with a red color of the skin in the form of water-filled bubbles.

manage herpes in summar

There are two types of herpes. Namely herpes zoster and herpes simplex. Herpes zoster is often found on the skin. Shaped like chickenpox are lined up. Herpes Zoster caused by a virus that can spread in the air. A person can be infected with this virus only when the virus is in the free air and inhaled by someone. Herpes zoster attacks the outer skin.

Other types, namely herpes simplex. Just as herpes zoster but is transmitted through genital intercourse. If the herpes zoster attacks the outer skin, while attacking the herpes simplex lip, mouth and genitals. It transmitted when someone had sexual intercourse with someone who has herpes.

Once we know about the disease and its causes of herpes, the next step is how to manage herpes in the summer. Actually, herpes is not a seasonal disease. However, because the transmission can be through sweat, then, the thing to watch out for is the summer. Because, in the summer, more sweat is produced so that the risk of transmission of herpes zoster herpes trutama to watch. Here are some ways how to manage herpes in summer:

1. Keep Endurance Body
Herpes virus, especially herpes zoster attack anyone at any age. Differences with of herpes simplex which only attacks people who have grown and has been active in sexual activity. Of herpes virus attacked many people with the power of the body is not good. So that we are not vulnerable to this virus, then correct any our body durability.

2. Avoid Touching Skin with Herpes Sufferers
Herpes easily transmitted through sweat touch. Therefore, avoid skin contact with people who suffer from of herpes. Or who suffer from skin touching skin of herpes to another person who does not suffer from of herpes.

3. Avoid Free Sex
Avoid free sex is one of the ways how to manage of herpes in the summer. Especially for types of herpes simplex transmission through sexual intercourse. Not only promiscuity. Even if our legitimate spouse (husband or wife) suffers from genital herpes, you should postpone sexual intercourse until healed herpes disease. Because of the risk will be more.

4. Avoid Doing Oral Sex
Oral sex is sexual activity with a way to lick the genitals sexual partners. Herpes is transmitted this way if their sexual partners were infected with of herpes nest in the genitals. By oral, will move from genital of herpes virus to the mouth and lips.

5. Avoid Spreading In other Leather
If we indeed have been infected with the of herpes marked the emergence of bubbles on the skin like water, but feels hot and itchy, you should immediately take medication. Avoid squeezes the bubble. Because feared will spread to the parts of the other skin. Avoid taking a bath for some time. Or flushed skin that is infected with of herpes with water. Because it can cause more serious infections.

After knowing how to manage of herpes in summer you may want to know how to ease the discomfort of herpes in summer. For that you can follow some tips below:
a: Apply medicine that you can buy without a prescription, such as benzocaine and L-lysine, to the blisters.
b: Put ice on the blisters.
c: Avoid things that could trigger another outbreak, such as stress and getting sunburned, the sun and herpes do not mix well.

Remember! Herpes is very contagious. Remain vigilant in the summer. Hopefully these tips on how to manage of herpes in summer can help minimize the spread of herpes in the summer.